Friday, 31 March 2006

bad hair days

before, mum looking
suitably rug-ged , and afterwards, looking like a pig's ear whilst eating one. She is not keen on this even though she gets so hot she can't even think about running

Wednesday, 22 March 2006


and the butterbur is well into flower but quite late this year.

Inny daffodils

Spring has been very slow in coming this year. These are some small native Cornish daffodils, growing right where the Inny runs into the Tamar (the river in the background) near where we saw the multiple snowdrops (see February)

ganging up

Frodo and Lily are giving Uncle Max a good biffing prior to going on a very long walk. Uncle Max is showing his fangs which is why all collies are called wolf (watch Babe if you don't believe me)

not wagging but drowning

I went for a proper swim in the Tamar today. There's a poem I know that describes the situation I found myself in. Lily, who is a very good swimmer came to see if I needed any help. As if!

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

mother love

mum receiving some affection. I should point out that the only things edible in this picture are the gardening gloves on the table. Boss's hole in one ball is apparently inedible although he has never allowed us to test this out. Have thought about eating bird table.

call me vain

I have had this photo taken to show the very fetching grey sheen I am developing as I mature. I am looking rather handsome if I may say so.

lurcher lout

Harriet has been at the beer again, I'm shocked.

Monday, 20 March 2006

spot's return

goodbye Morocco, hello world. Fiona and John came to stay for a week and we were very sorry to see them go only for old grumpy to come back. Now there's no more jumping up, running about barking or refusing to get into cars. I will persuade boss to get out and start snapping, so to speak, away.

I'm back !!!!!

love Spot

Saturday, 11 March 2006


this dog is so laid back it hasn't moved for three years!! and now it's got a thrush.

see you soon


and they didn't take me.


Hip hip hooray, it's our holiday, Fiona and John have sent Mum and Dad to Agadir and are coming to stay in my house. That means lots of treats and walks and birthdays and NO discipline for weeks and weeks and weeks. They treat us like puppies.

Unfortunately I will not be able to blog for a bit, but there we are.

ps this is where I went for my first serious attempt at drowning, between Luckett and Latchley. I'll be back on 20/3/06, so don't miss it. LOVE Spot and H

Monday, 6 March 2006

Duchy College litter

which is more than can be said for the young people who go to Duchy college. This is the little lane that runs between the Post office and the college. It is full of litter, dropped as the last crisp goes into the gob, thus establishing a neat distribution curve, along the lane, of time against size of packet. They even bother to stuff the cans in the hedgerows, presumably it is easier to see them at eye level to check they are still there. What is wrong with human young? Agricultural students? Rubbish, I say.


Harriet has taken to drinking at lunchtime. At least she takes the can home.

spot and a mate

enough about flowers, here is a photo of a really attractive item. I heard the boss talking about me having an orchidectomy. Should I be worried? I like orchids and it's close to my next birthday tomorrow.


the celandines are coming, this one bathing in the warm sunshine by the side of our garage, so Spring is on its way.

Friday, 3 March 2006

long days

this buzzard posed very cooperatively with the tower of StoKe Climsland church in the background. We creep up on them in the terranosaurus and snap them through the glass, hence the blue tinge.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

bird flew

this buzzard fancied Harriet; for supper. Mum went and dug up the fox skin. It was a bit tastier today although now she has a bad case of halitosis.


in a quiet wood, not far from the Tamar, miles from anywhere. Why do people do this? What sort of barbarous species are you? Destroy the planet to save £20.


We don't do Devon much, Cornwall is enough for most lurchers, but the moor looks very pretty with a little snow on it, and the village of Sydenham Damerel in the foreground on the other side of the valley. And the radio mast which sends instructions to everyone in Devon according to the boss. Very cold this morning.