Thursday, 9 October 2008

lost gardens of Heligan 1

there is an abundance of wild birds at Heligan (see link), including these white doves. There were very few geese on display at Tavistock yesterday so we have included this handsome American buff goose who guards the orchard at Heligan. We did not have goose for supper.

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  1. Spot

    I just spent the more enjoyable part of an hour on the Lost Gardens of Heligan link. There's nothing quite like it here in the States! The closest would be Old Westbury Gardens, a Long Island mansion owned by a wealthy Englishwoman and her husband at the turn of the century--she wanted a home similar to the English countryside. See it here-
    Tell me, did you all enjoy a seasonal roast lunch? You must have had some trouble due to the no dogs notice! My family is enjoying the Heligan birds the way I've never seen a goose like this one here in America...looks European to me! Thanks for such an uplisting post, so glad you are at it again!