Sunday, 24 October 2010

end of the rainbow

Showers and strong sunlight make for vivid rainbows, and provide a fitting photo to mark a break in Spot's blog, at least for the time being, unless we see anything visually interesting over autumn and winter. There are over 1500 pages on this blog, and more photos, to trawl through if you should happen on the blog and be interested in our home area. Use the labels, or blog search facility to find the things you are interested in


  1. After a crazy day helping to run a school district, coming home and filling out college applications for our senior daughter, while constructing the little gal's Halloween costume and fielding phone calls from our NYC college son about a solo trip to New Zealand (!!), I find solace and respite in the quiet pictures of Cornwall seen through your eyes.

    You and Spot will be back after a bit, I'm sure of it! :0) Tara

  2. The first thing I go to in the morning on the computer is your blog and of course, I have gone through all the lovely photos on it-I shall sorely miss the daily bit of the Tamar Valley...but hope you and the OHG have a relaxing winter...and I think there will be some photos you will NEED to post,all of your being so lovely.......hope to see you next spring!